Sales Manager

The Eagle Manufacturing sales manager is in charge of customer relations, taking orders, answering customer's questions, quality control, managing jobs, and coordinating between office management and production.

Tanner Bowman says; "Hi! I'm Tanner Bowman, I'm a Senior at BCHS, and I'm currently the Sales Manager for Eagle Manufacturing. Outside of Eagle, I'm heavily involved in the school and community. I'm involved in National Honor Society, I'm the Editor of the TalonOnline School Newspaper and Shadows Yearbook, I was a Team captain on the Academic Bowl Teams, I'm a member of Student Council, and I'm a Councilman on the Indiana Legislative Youth Advisory Council. In my free time I enjoy flying (I've almost earned my Pilot's License), vacationing with my family, and learning new skills that I can use to help me in the future. If you have any questions for me, please don't hesitate to ask!"