CNC Machining

Haas – CL – 1 (CNC Lathes)

Haas VF2 SS (CNC Mill)

This machine has a high volume that is great for making small parts. There is live tooling with a c-axis, dual ER-11 spindles,6000 – rpm max, and 400 w brushless motors. This machine can make many different things, for example Lathe parts.

The Hass VF2 ss is used to make larger parts out of harder materials for example aluminum and steel.


Haas Mini Mill (CNC Mill )

Haas UMC 350 hd ( CNC Mill )

This machine can make smaller parts, for example key chains.

Haas UMC 350 hd is a 5 access machine that can move in all different directions making easier to make certain parts. What this machine could make simpler to make is something like a sphere shaped part.

Ez – Router Scorpion ( CNC Router)

Ex-Plasma ( CNC Plasma Cutter )

This machine is used to make things like signs for business, and many more things.

The Ex-Plasma machine is used to make parts made of steel.