tshirt print

Graphics Production

Embroidery Machine


Heat Press

This machine is used for creating customizable products a few examples would be hats-shirts, hoodies, and etc. 

Trotecs are laser engravers that can put a design on nearly any materials glass, metals, and plastic.

The heat press machine is used to apply designs onto various surfaces. A few of these things would be soft goods, wood, leather, and etc.


Roland Large Format Press

Vinyl Cutter

This machine is a printer that can be used many different ways to print out products, magnets, vinyl stickers, posters, banners, and many other things.

This machine is used for making signs, banners, and advertisements.

Manual Screen Printing Press

Auto Matic Screen Printing Press

Mag Heatpress

This kind of printing process is usually used for art prints and smaller runs.

A Auto Matic Screen Printing Press is a printing press that prints much faster than by working a manual one by hand.

A Mag Heatpress prints a design or graphics on a substrate with the application of heat and pressure for a time period. A substrate could be a T-shirt.

Sublimation Press

Speedy 300 Laser Engraver

This machine transfers dye onto the material making the dye become apart of the material.

This machine uses a laser to engrave on metal, or annealing.